What's New in Parmonic?

[Last updated: February 1st, 2024]

We are constantly innovating to help our customers create and use video content to win over audiences. Here's a running list of major updates.

🍾Feb 2024

Manager users and credits by creating Teams. [instructions]

Insert cards on videos or replace portions of videos with cards. [instructions]

Intelligent speaker badges [instructions]

🛬Coming Soon

  • More controls to glamorize videos (lower-thirds, transition effect controls, etc.)
  • Audiograms (available now as a special request; available as self-service in a few weeks)
  • Quote cards (available now as special requests during beta)
  • Custom lower-thirds to add TV-quality effects
  • Self-service Custom Blogs
  • Ability to influence the AI to focus on specific topics or durations
  • Record studio-quality interviews/podcasts
  • AI-enhanced audio quality
  • Ability to use prompts while using the blog module

Q4 2023 Updates

Vertical Videos

Create a vertical version of your video with Parmonic!

Automatically Generate Social Media Posts

Parmonic auto-creates copy for LinkedIn and X posts for you

In-Video CTA

Add an embedded CTA button to your videos to inspire action.

Customized Subtitles

Customize your subtitles to match your brand guidelines.

Title Cards

Add more context to your video with title cards.

Custom Music Tracks

Import your brand-approved music tracks to Parmonic.

Q3 Updates

Timed Gating

Give your viewers a short preview before showing the gated form.

Zoom Recordings Integration

Integration with Zoom Cloud Recordings is now available widely. (This is in addition to our integration with Zoom Webinars).

AI & Recap Outline

Video/webinar Recaps (summaries) now available. 

Detailed Analytics

Parmonic offers rich analytics for videos stored and streamed using the Parmonic player.

Story Layout

We've added a new layout option - the Story - that offers an ideal mix of video moments and text copy.

Customize Webpage URLs

Now you can customize the default URL to make it more human-friendly.

Related Resources Files

Ability to upload Related Resources to Parmonic as files (not just URLs)

Dynamic AI-Powered Headlines for Moments

AI-generated descriptions of videos/webinars along with key points

(Beta) Blog draft and Recap (limited release)

Beta version of the new AI Blog module that creates a blog post draft from webinar recordings

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