Video Analytics (Detailed)

Parmonic offers rich analytics for videos stored and streamed using the Parmonic player. These analytics work irrespective of whether you use a Parmonic-generated landing page or embed videos on your own webpages. You can find the analytics at a video level by clicking the the graph icon next to a video title in the list view or if you are working on a video, by clicking on the arrow next to Video Settings.

1) Account-level analytics & Gallery analytics can be viewed from the Analytics page in the main menu (Click under your user icon on the top right). You can now filter aggregate analytics over time to answer questions like "Which videos have performed the best of the last 3 months?"

2) Parmonic shows anonymous analytics. You can connect Parmonic with your Marketing Automation Platform for contact-level analytics. If you use Google Analytics, you can also connect Parmonic to GA.

The first section shows a quick summary and funnel view of video analytics.

Impressions = no. of times a video loaded on a viewer's screen (often same as no. of page loads).

Views = no. of times viewers pressed the play button and viewed the video.

Form submissions = if Parmonic is integrated with your MAP and you have gated a video, this metric reports the no. of times viewers filled out the form to view gated videos.

The next section provides deeper analytics on Moments including:

Moments views = Sum of views for all moments 

Unique views = Views by unique viewers. This helps you see no. of unique people who viewed the videos. If a viewer uses a different browser or incognito mode, our system will consider that as a new viewer.

Next to Moment views, you can see details on each Moment. These stats are sorted based on Moment popularity (views) so the Moment with most views appears on top.

Total and unique views (You can hover over different colors of the bars to see these)

Completion rate = how many users watched what % of the video ((You can hover over different colors of the bars to see these)

Average duration = on average, how much of that Moment was viewed in minutes and % of total duration.

Similar metrics are available for Trailers and the Full Videos below Moment metrics.

The next section shows Engagement metrics.

For each video entity (Moment, Trailer, Full Video), engagement metrics are calculated based on the following formula

Form metrics:

Impressions = no. of times a form was displayed to a viewer (note that Parmonic's integration only displays the form to unknown contacts)

Submissions = no. of times the form was submitted (note that a viewer only has to submit a form once, not for every Moment)

Conversions are calculated using the following formula:

If you promote other content and assets by using them as 'Related Resources' while creating an interactive web experience using Parmonic, the next section shows metrics on how often those Related Resources were clicked.

The next section provides insights on how different webpages are performing with the same videos and Moments. This section also helps you understand the impact of campaign-specific parameters (UTM codes). In the example below, our engine provides analytics for both the direct URL and the URL with specific UTM tags. In this example, we can see that the engagement ratio of organic traffic is much higher than that of traffic coming from email signature links.

The next section provides insights into sources of traffic to the page where Moments/Videos are located. This helps you answer the question "Who is driving traffic to the webpage with Moments/Videos?"

This insight can help you understand how different sources/channels are performing. Traffic source is one of the most important determinants of success.

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