AI Recap & Outline

Parmonic can generate a 1-2 page recap (outline) of a webinar for you. The recap serves as a brief, text version of the webinar.

Recap Includes:

  1. One paragraph summary
  2. Key points covered in the webinar as a whole, and key points covered in each section.
  3. Key quotes
  4. Statistics, if the speakers have discussed any stats/numbers
  5. Products, Companies, and Key People mentioned in the webinar.

Suggested Use Cases:

  • Executive/Leadership Update - share a recap with your leadership after hosting a webinar to give them a bird's eye view.
  • Structural summary for blog writers - get a bird's eye view of the content covered 
  • Sales Update - share a recap with your sales team. 
  • Share key quotes on social media or website
  • Share as a resource in your follow-up emails and on your webpages.
  • Share with PR agency as a summary of the full transcript. 

Tip: In your email include a link to the webpage that has a storyline of video moments for the audience that wants more than just a recap.

How to download the recap?

Choose your video/webinar, go to the Moments tab, and click 'Download Recap'.

Tip: To download the entire transcript with moments, click on 'Word Export'. To download the entire transcript without the moments highlighted, click on the arrow next to 'Word Export'.

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