Insert Title Cards in Videos

The new "Title card" feature lets you add a title card (similar to a presentation slide) between different sections of a video.

You can use this feature in many ways-

  1. Better Organization: With title cards, your video becomes super organized. It's like having signposts along the way, showing viewers where one part ends and another begins.
  2. Clear and Informative: Title cards give viewers a heads-up about what's coming next. It's like a mini-preview, so nobody feels lost or confused.
  3. Professional and Engaging: Adding title cards makes your video look pro. You can use it to emphasize a particular point in the video, to maintain the flow of the video, or to give a well-timed gap between the sections.

Add a title card between sections of a video

  1. Locate the video in the Review tab

  1. Click on 'Enhance'

  1. Click on the first word of the section you wish to introduce and click on 'Insert Card'

  1. Now you can choose your preferred template, add text to be displayed on the card, and enter the duration you want the card to be displayed for.

To create your own custom style of title card, please refer to this article.

Replace video content with a title card‚Äč

Title cards can be used to replace the video content while the original audio keeps playing.

To replace a section of the video with a card,

  1. Locate the video in the Review tab
  2. Click on  'Enhance'
  3. Select the text you wish to replace with a card and click on 'Replace by card'

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