Add Related Resources to Webinars

Promote additional content to viewers on your landing pages with Related Resources.

You can add up to three additional resources to the bottom of your landing page. There are two options to utilize Related Resources:

1. Upload files into Parmonic - PPT, PPTX, DOC, DOCX, JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, PDF are supported. 

2. If your resource is a web URL, you can paste that URL in the steps below.


Here are some ideas on resources to recommend - a product page, a 'Book a demo' or 'Contact Us' page, a link to your sales team's calendar, a whitepaper, a trial request, or a link to another webinar/event.

Here's how it's done.

1. Once in the Web Experience, select the Moment(s) you wish to include on the landing page.


2. After you've chosen the best layout for your content, select the first tile to add your Additional Resource.


Additional resources can be anything with a link.  A sign-up page, a download link, a sales team calendar link....  Get creative!  This is your chance to embed CTA's that get results.

3.  Fill in the details of your Additional Resource.


Complete this process for each additional resource up to three for each landing page.


Parmonic also features a Resource library where you can store all of your resources for future use.  Simply click on your name or logo at the top right, then select Resources from the drop down.


Here you will see where to upload or edit previous uploads.


Uploading to the Library make future uses extremely fast and easy.


Below see examples of what the resources will look like along-side your content.

Slider Layout:


Timeline Layout:


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