Turn A Video Into A Blog Post

You can transform your long videos into engaging blog posts and maximize their value and reach. Not everyone prefers or has the time to watch long videos. By converting them into blog posts, you make the content accessible to a wider audience, including those who prefer reading or have limitations in accessing video content. And it's good for SEO.

Parmonic uses Derivative AI - this ensures that the blog post content is derived from your video and not generic stuff from the internet.

How to turn a video into a blog post?

  1. Process a webinar/video in Parmonic.

  1. Head to the Blog tab of your video. 

You can select and unselect the moments on the left side to include or exclude the topics in the blog.

  1. Click on "Regenerate blog draft" to update the preview. You can preview the output and download it as a Word doc.

  1. To add a video moment to your blog post, hover on the topic and click on the + sign.

Click on the moment to select the video you want to include in the blog.

This will insert the moment into the blog preview. You can delete the moment by clicking on the "delete" icon to the top right of the video.

The downloadable doc output includes the video moments and the embed codes as well as links to video files of each moment. 

Additionally, companies can customize their blog posts to match their brand's style and structure by providing 5-10 sample blog articles. Contact our Happiness Team to activate the "custom" option for your account.

This blog post is a good conceptual article on uses cases for AI-generated blogs.


  • Treat the blog post as a draft that you can quickly edit and finalize. 
  • You can hit the Regenerate button to get a new version by changing the tone/audience.
  • Please contact us to share your feedback or to request help.
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