Speaker Badges

Video moments come to life when speaker badges are included.

Including the speaker badges (name and title) in the video helps viewers identify who is speaking at any given moment, especially in webinars or panel discussions where multiple speakers are involved.

You can automate the display of speaker badges in Parmonic.

Speaker badges are visible for 3-5 seconds for every speaker when they appear on the screen for the first time in the video. We've added intelligence to this feature so to reduce manual work. Simply turn this feature on and our engine will automatically show the speaker badges at the right time for each speaker in a moment.

To add speaker badges to a video (moment, trailer, full video):

  1. Locate the speaker section in the Publish->Web tab and click on the edit icon

  1. Add speaker information (name and title) that you want to showcase in the video and save

  1. Locate the video in the Review tab

  1. Click on 'Enhance'

  1. Check the "Introduce speakers" box and select the speakers you want to introduce. To see a low-res preview, click on the preview button.

  1. To change the speaker badge style, click on the button to the right of the introduce speakers button.

We will be adding more style options soon.

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