Gating Moments & Full Video

Parmonic supports gating individual moments and the full video using the Marketo and HubSpot integrations. To watch gated videos, visitors will be required to fill out a form hosted by Marketo or HubSpot. At this time, Trailers cannot be gated.


  1. HubSpot or Marketo integration must be set up on your Parmonic account.
  2. The connected HubSpot or Marketo account must have at least one form.

Gating The Web Experience

To gate videos in the web experience:

  1. Go to Moments  Web  Select Form.
  2. Select the form you wish to use.

To only gate the full video in the web experience, check "Gate full video only" under "More options".

The trailer in the widget header will always be ungated.

Gating Single Moments

To gate the widgets and landing pages with single-moment videos:

  1. Go to Moments  Web.
  2. Go to the "Advanced settings for all moments" dialog by clicking on the gear icon above the moment's pane on the left side.
  3. Click on Select Form  select the form you wish to use  Save.

Gating the full video

To gate the full video widget and landing page:

  1. Go to Full video  Web  Select Form.
  2. Select the form you wish to use.

Advanced use-cases

Showing the form to known visitors

By default, the Parmonic widget only shows the form to unknown visitors. So users that come to the landing page through an MA-powered email campaign would not have to fill out a form to watch a gated video since the user is a known visitor.

To change this behavior, and show a gated form to all visitors, add the following snippet on all pages of your website:

window.parmonic_always_show_form = true;
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