Create Teams to Manage Users

You can create Teams in Parmonic to manage users and credits better. This feature lets folks from various teams within your company - like marketing, content, sales, and customer support - work on their videos smoothly, keeping things organized and private.

Admins can create new Teams from Settings

  1. Go to settings by clicking on the avatar on the top right corner of the page and click on 'New Team'

  1. Add the following details - Team name, select the workspaces the team needs access to, and credit limit (AI and augmented). Then click on 'Add Team'.

  1. Next, go to the 'Users' tab to add a new team member. You can either create a new user or transfer an existing one with either 'standard user' or 'power user' access levels to the team. You can't add an admin user to the team because they already have access to all workspaces and no credit limits; they can only be part of the default team.

  1. Select the relevant team from the 'Team' dropdown and click Save. Now the user can access their team's workspaces (Refer step 2).

Teams provide two controls:

  1. The ability to restrict which workspaces team users have access to.
  2. The ability to restrict how many credits team users can use in a subscription period (i.e. since the last purchase or renewal).

We also provide multiple user roles so you give appropriate permissions within teams.

User levels:

User level Permissions
Standard User
  1. Cannot use Augmented AI credits
  2. Has access to content in assigned workspaces
Power User
  1. Can use Augmented AI credits
  2. Has access to content in assigned workspaces
  1. Can use Augmented AI credits
  2. Can manage users, teams, and workspaces


  1. Each Parmonic account has a "Default" team.
  2. This team has access to all workspaces and cannot have any credit limits.
  3. A user can only belong to one team. For access to multiple teams, get in touch with your account manager at Parmonic.
  4. Since admin users have access to all workspaces and have no credit limits, they can only belong to the default team.
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