Create Vertical Videos

Vertical videos can help marketers stand out with a new format. You can use vertical videos similar to what you may have seen on IG Reels, YouTube Shorts and TikTok by uploading your video to Parmonic and enabling the vertical video option.

Based on how your content was recorded (was it a webinar, customer interview, iPhone video, etc.) we recommend the B2B-specific format we have developed (example) that turns regular videos into vertical format with strong brand presence.

Here's how to create your vertical video:

  1. Upload Your Video as you normally would.

  1. After you choose AI-Only or Augmented AI for your transcript, you'll now see a checkmark below the glamorization option.

  1. After the video has processed, go to Publish->Social
  2. Choose a moment from the storyboard on the left and in the center of the screen you will see size options.

Please note that the Vertical video option is currently only available for Augmented AI videos as the video/screen feeds need adjustments.

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