Organize users, teams, credits and content

Parmonic offers you three controls to organize users, teams, credits, and content.


In Parmonic, you have the option to set up Teams to manage users and credits easily. You can segment different groups of users in separate teams. This allows you to control access as well as allocation of Augmented AI credits. This is especially useful at companies where different teams have separate budgets.

Teams offer two main controls:

  1. Limiting which workspaces team members can access.
  2. Setting limits on how many credits team members can use during a subscription period (like since the last purchase or renewal).

To create Teams and add users, click here.


We offer three roles that help you give the appropriate rights to different users.

User level Permissions
Standard User
  1. Cannot use Augmented AI credits
  2. Has access to content in assigned workspaces
Power User
  1. Can use Augmented AI credits
  2. Has access to content in assigned workspaces
  1. Can use Augmented AI credits
  2. Can manage users, teams, and workspaces

Adding/deleting users is an easy, self-service task. Instructions here.

Tip: You can also set up Single Sign On (SSO) with Parmonic.


Workspaces let you organize videos in a folder-like structure. Workspaces can be created for campaigns, product lines, geos, functions (e.g. Social Media, Content, Demand Gen, Enablement) or just about any dimension.

Instructions on how to create a workspace are here.

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