You've asked and we've listened. We are happy to announce Workspaces are now live in Parmonic! For users who have multiple teams working within webinars, Workspaces now allows you to organize which webinars are for a specific team. Maybe moments for one webinar have Moments for both the sales and marketing team. Well, now you can give your departments their own workspace so they can choose the moments that are most relevant to them. Let's dive in to see where you can find Workspaces and how to create your own.

1. Click on the top right of the page where you see your name and which Workspace you are in.  Here you can Quick-Select from any of the Workspaces you've previously created.

2. To add a Workspace, click Settings and go to the Brand Settings Tab, then click "ADD A NEW WORKSPACE." 

3. Finally, give your Workspace a name and icon. You can also change the brand settings (the logo, PowerPoint slides and color hex codes) at a Workspace level to suit the branding that different teams or brands need.

We are excited to answer our customers' high demand for such a useful feature and hope you enjoy using Workspaces. If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at

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