What Does Eloqua Integration Do?

Customers that use Eloqua to host their landing pages can use the Eloqua integration to track Parmonic analytics in Eloqua for known contacts. A known contact is a contact identified through an Eloqua form or email.

Customers that use a different platform to host landing pages but use Eloqua for Marketing Automation can also use the Eloqua integration if their landing page has a mechanism to track Eloqua known contacts in place.

To set-up your Eloqua integration, find directions here.


Contact Fields


Label Type Description
Parmonic Videos Watched number  
Parmonic Moments Watched number  
Parmonic Webinars Watched number  
Parmonic Watch Time in Seconds number  
Parmonic First Activity On date  
Parmonic Last Activity On date  
Parmonic Last Webinar Title text  
Parmonic Last Content Type text eg. WebinarMomentTrailerAdMiscFull Widget
Parmonic Last Content Title text  
Parmonic Last Url text  

Contact Activities


Label Description
Activity type Eg: Email subscribe, Form submission, Video watched
Activity details Holds the information of activity detail

Custom Objects

Parmonic Video Analytics

Label Type Description
Content Type text eg. Webinar, Moment, Trailer, Ad, Misc, Full Widget
Content ID number  
Content Title text  
Webinar ID number  
Webinar Title text  
Watch Time number  


From the Contact Menu  Custom Objects  Parmonic Video Analytics  View Custom Object Record


Test the integration

  1. Go to the registration page in a new browser profile.
  2. Fill the form and watch the a few videos in the Thank You page.

Parmonic Analytics should appear in Eloqua against the contact in about 5-10 minutes.

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