Eloqua Integration Setup Guide

Setting up Eloqua Integrations with Parmonic is fairly simple and straight-forward.  However, you will need someone who is an administrator for Eloqua and an administrator for Parmonic in order to connect the two.


  1. In Eloqua go to SettingsPlatform ExtensionsAppCloud DeveloperCreate App.


  2. Enter the following values in the form:



    Name Parmonic
    Description Video Automation Platform.
    Icon https://uploads-ssl.webflow.com/5f0cbc4164af93e86ead0ed4/628c8b158df42c0120d198fd_Mascot%20Munchie66.svg
    CallbackUrl https://go.parmonic.com/app/account/integrations/eloqua/callback
  3. Click Save.
  4. An Eloqua App will be created. Go to the app's Details page.
  5. Take note of the Client Id and Client Secret values from the "Authentication to Eloqua" section.


  1. In Parmonic, go to SettingsIntegrations.
  2. Click on "Connect" in the Eloqua tile.
  3. Enter the Client Id and Client Secret values from the Eloqua app's Details page.
  4. Click Connect.

If at any point you find yourself unable to connect, simply reach out to your account manager or shoot us an email at help@parmonic.com

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