New Quote Card Format

Here's a new quote card format we are experimenting with in our lab.


Catch attention with a speaker's picture and scale it down with special effects to display a quote.

Display logo on the bottom right.

The background is configurable to the brand's color. Optionally, add brand accent colors.

This version will not contain any audio.

Output formats: GIF and Video

To request a Quote Card while it's in beta, please provide details here or email

  • Speaker picture (jpg or png; ideally in a square format)
  • Speaker name
  • Speaker title
  • Quote (you can find this in the Review tab by looking at the transcript or pick a quote chosen by our AI from the Recap) - we suggest 20 words (or less) to make it elegant and impactful.
  • Company logo
  • Brand and accent colors (up to 4)

We will save your logo and brand colors in your account settings so that you don't have to provide those if you request more Quote Cards while it's in beta. We expect to make this a self-service option after more testing and feedback.

For the geek in you - here's how our engine creates a Quote Card under the hood.

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