What is an Augmented AI Credit?

Our Augmented AI (Premium) features go far beyond the standard AI features in Parmonic. An Augmented AI (AAI) credit can be used for the following 3 use cases:

1. Augmented AI transcript

AI-generated transcripts are ~90% accurate based on audio quality, speaker accents, use of corporate terms, etc.

For brands that need high-precision transcripts we offer Augmented transcripts which are human-reviewed and edited for 99% accuracy. You can use one AAI credit for an hour-long video to get these Augmented transcripts. Especially useful if your content has lots of technical or complex words.

Additional benefits of Augmented AI transcripts -

    • 99%-accurate English subtitles
    • More precise content recommendations from our AI
    • Foreign Language Subtitles - very high quality at no additional cost
    • Superior user experience when you want to create content using the Magic Highlighter
    • Compliance & Risk Mitigation - correct spellings ensure your content is compliant and not subject to AI hallucinations or misinterpretations

2. Glamorizer - If you choose to have your upload glamorized, you can use one AAI credit for this process. A credit covers ALL of the following:

  • Recreation of raw videos with speaker & screen windows reorganized on a beautiful, brand-compliant canvas to give videos a more polished, professional feel.
  • Vertical videos
  • Custom uploads (If you don't have an MP4 and are not using our integrations to automatically fetch videos, a credit is needed to fetch videos on your behalf.)
  • On24 recordings fetched via the integration. 

More about Glamorizer.

3. Custom Video Editing - there are many instances where you might have special requests that cannot be handled by our software. In those instances, you can request custom video editing help.

In most cases, the request will consume 1 credit per upload (up to 1 hour long); if it requires more than 1 credit we will ask you first.

Example requests:

  • Custom audio editing to improve audio quality or add custom music (beyond what's available via self-service)
  • Add custom transition effects
  • Remove specific individuals from a video (e.g. remove an ex-employee from a video)
  • Add stock footage or footage from multiple videos
  • Custom zoom-in/zoom-out effects similar to videos produced by media companies

Note: Credits are charged per hour-length of your video.  If you upload a lot of short videos, you may qualify for grace credits which you request during your QBR with your Happiness Specialist.

If you run out of Augmented AI credits, you can add more to your account. Please contact your Account Manager or help@parmonic.com

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