How to Use Outreach Integration

Outreach integration allows Parmonic users to make moments and trailers available in Outreach simple and faster than ever.

For Parmonic users

1. Browse to the webinar you wish to make available to your org's Outreach account.

2. Click on the Sales Enablement button.

3. In the Outreach card, click on the enable switch. 


For Outreach users

1. Compose an email.

2. Click on the "Parmonic" icon in the toolbar at the bottom. 

3. Select the moment or trailer you wish to include in your email. 


(continued) The selected video will be inserted into the email. outreach-email-editor-0cbe0acc37f32c9eb654f7db7d0b7e52.png

For information on how set up the Outreach integration follow the Outreach Setup Guide.
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