Setting up the Seismic integration

To set up Seismic Integration, you'll need admin access to both Seismic & Parmonic.  

Parmonic Instructions

  1. Go to Settings Integrations
  2. Click on the Connect button below Seismic and follow the instructions. You will be redirected to Seismic to authorize Parmonic.

  3. Click the Allow Button.

Seismic Instructions

  1. Login to Seismic
  2. Select Settings System Settings.                   blobid0.png
  3. Select My Apps                                                                      download2.png
  4. Seach Parmonic app enable the app allow accessblobid2.png

The Seismic integration allows Parmonic users to export moment and trailer MP4s into a Seismic teamsite. Seismic users can then use these in Seismic

INFO - To set up the Seismic integration follow the   Seismic Setup Guide .

About Seismic

All content in Seismic is managed in the Seismic Library.

Content in the library is organized in teamsites.

Publishing content to Seismic from Parmonic

  1. Browse to the webinar you wish to export.  Replace.png
  2. Click on the Sales Enablement button.  mceclip1.png

  3. In the Seismic card, click on the export button.  Export.png

  4. Pick the Seismic Team Site you wish to export to.  seismic-select-teamsite-9b97cf6e44da98720db0885a2a82d37c.png
NOTE - If you create or edit moments/trailers in Parmonic after exporting to seismic, you will need to export again to update the assets in Seismic.

Naming convention

  • Moments are titled {{moment title}} - {{webinar title}}
  • Trailer is titled Trailer - {{webinar title}}

Finding the exported content in Seismic

You should be able to find the exported content in Library → Teamsite → Parmonic → in a folder named after the exported webinar.

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