[Spring 2024]

Here are major areas where we are investing time and energy.

Our mission - Make videos more consumable and delightful - dictates the product roadmap.

Consumable - advances in AI that will make content more consumable based on customer templates and consumer profiles. New output formats to reveal hidden information in videos and new ways for users to glean information.

Delightful - new capabilities that make it easier to add components that make ordinary videos look highly-polished.

Customizable - we are making things more customizable - from the AI to the blog and visual layouts of the outputs.

Extendable - we are making it easier to pull and push content to/from Parmonic. With our API, we've made it possible for some large enterprises to have their internal systems "send/receive" videos to/from Parmonic thereby making it more extendable and compliant.

Generative - we believe Generative AI should augment authentic content instead of replacing it with purely synthetic content. To that end, we are working on generative visuals and music that can be used to enhance authentic content.

Under consideration -

  • More collaboration and review capabilities
  • Secure, enterprise-wide AI video layer that helps you use your own LLMs or work with additional vendors who will all need access to parsed videos.

We prioritize based on customer feedback so if you are interested in specific capabilities, please show interest by providing your inputs via the link below.

Provide your input via this brief form to show interest or help shape a capability.

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