Credit Updates

Go live date: 9/12/2023

We are updating our credit model to provide more flexibility to users.

Credits are required for certain features like professionally-edited transcripts and glamorization. In the past, these were combined into 1 credit (Premium credit). Going forward we are decoupling these so you can choose how best to use your credits. 

Just need the professional transcript for a video, and not glamorization? Apply a credit towards transcript only. 

Need glamorization and vertical videos, but not a professional transcript? Apply a credit towards glam only.

We refer to these credits at Augmented AI (or AAI) credits. It's the currency you can use inside Parmonic.

We are doubling the number of credits in customer accounts to align with this change. This means that it will have no financial impact on your existing credits. On the positive side it will give you the flexibility to buy additional credits at a lower cost.


You can use AAI credits in the following ways - 

Credit for AAI Transcripts Only

  • If you need the increased accuracy of Augmented AI Transcripts (99% accurate and foreign language subtitles), you can apply one AAI credit for this. 

 Credit for Glamorization Only

  • If you choose to have your upload glamorized, you can use one AAI credit for this process. A credit also covers ALL of the following -
    • Custom video editing requests (Yes, you can ask for custom edits that are not possible via AI. Our team will manually handle those. Reasonable limits apply. Vertical video is included in this as conversion of regular videos to vertical without cropping requires special care and human oversight.)
    • Custom uploads (If you don't have an MP4 and are not using our integrations to automatically fetch videos, a credit is needed to fetch videos on your behalf.)
    • On24 recordings fetched via the integration. 

Upgrade AI-Only Uploads

  • All customers now have a generous amount of AI credits. If you are not sure whether a video deserves special treatment with AAI credits, you can upload it as AI only and upgrade it later to AAI.

Note: credits are charged per hour-length of your video; there's no change to that policy.  If you upload a lot of short videos, you may qualify for grace credits which you request during your QBR with your Happiness Specialist.


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