How long can a Premium video or webinar be?

Augmented AI (Premium) features cover recordings up to 60 mins in duration.  Those features are:

  • Professional transcript (English)
  • Professional transcript (supported foreign languages)
  • Subtitles in foreign languages
  • Glamorization
  • On24 imports
  • Custom imports
  • Custom workflows
  • Special requests


Most webinars/event recordings are 30 to 60 mins long.

In some instances your recording might end up being a few minutes over an hour. During upload you will be charged credits in 60-min increments. However, during your Quarterly Business Review your Happiness Specialist will review your account and refund credits. You can also proactively contact our help team to request a refund.


In other instances you might have shorter videos (e.g. a 5 or 10-min video) that you need to process in Parmonic. To delight our customers, we only charge fractional credits when your videos are shorter than 20 mins. Our standard policy is to charge fractional credits in 5-min increments.


Note that when you are uploading a video to Parmonic, the system will apply 1 credit by default irrespective of the duration.


You can see the number of credits available in your account in real time. 

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