Creating Content for Marketing Emails (HTML)

Want to send a webinar follow-up email with key moments? Here's a quick way to do it.


1. Go to Parmonic's Home Page and choose your video


3. Then make sure the Moments you wish to share are selected


4. Clicking CREATE will auto-create a landing page.

Your landing page features your brand settings which can be uploaded or changed here.


Conversely, if you'd rather use your own landing page as the destination, simply set that up in the WEB tab as seen below.


5. Once satisfied with your settings, click CREATE.

Our engine will instantly create email HTML for you that you can paste directly in your email marketing tool like Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, etc. You can click 'Preview' to see how the content will look like. Note that this email HTML code will display all the selected moments via images that have play buttons and timestamps. Additionally, Parmonic creates titles and descriptions for key moments and these are also included in the email output for you so that you can quickly paste it in your email template without much additional work. 


6. This preview shows you exactly how your Moments will appear in the body of your email


To see how you can change the font or play button color of the thumbnails you are placing in your email campaign, please click here.

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