Setting Up Automated Landing Pages with Marketo

Easily publish Automated Landing Pages that pull a template directly from Marketo and provide moments and videos from Parmonic for your audience. All you need to begin is Marketo Admin access or someone nearby with Admin access.

Here's how to set it up and get started.

1. Make sure you're in the right spot!  The MOMENTS Area, The PUBLISH Mode and the WEB Experience is where we'll find our Automated Landing Page options.

2. Create a new Role in Marketo.  Make sure to grant the following permissions:

Access API Read-Write Assets
Access API Approve Assets

Admin > Users & Roles > Roles > "New Role"


3. In Marketo – Configure the cloned template with a few lines of custom code (you’ll just need to copy/paste one time)

Marketo Template Format

A. Create Landing Page Template with Type as "Guided"

B. Edit and Publish your landing page html

C. Add meta tag in header to define variable eg.


D. Variables

id mktoName class allow_html Description
widgetEmbedCode Embed Code mktoString true Generated widget embed code will go here
title Title mktoString false Webinar Title (which can be used as page title)


5. Copy and paste to create a test page to activate this new functionality.

To learn how to GATE your content with Marketo click here.

You’ll love this feature. Automating publishing of moment-based landing pages will speed things up and gating will help you collect more leads.

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