How to update brand settings

Setting up you customizable brand settings is the best way to insure that your Parmonic experience matches your company brand guidelines.  Please provide the following to your account manager.

                  1. Brand Font
                  2. Font Colors
                  3. Brand Colors
                  4. Logos
                  5. A Pre-Approved Power Point Template
                  6. Any Bumper Video clips

More detail on how these items are implemented and how you can update or change them yourself:

From the dashboard go to your user icon in the upper right corner & click to reveal a dropdown where you can select Settings.


Once in the Settings area, the sections are numbered.  Check below to see detailed descriptions.


  1. Web Widget - Customize your brand font and colors as well as the HEX code for your theme (play button and page design details)
  2. Email Template - Customize the email HTML code to use your brand font and colors.
  3. Overlay Logo - A highly-visible version of you logo to be used when glamorizing your video
  4. Landing Pages - The logo you choose to appear on your landing page.  You also have the ability to customize the HTML Template used on your branded page.
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