Utilizing Sales Enablement Features

If you work with sales teams and want to easily offer short videos to sellers, the Sales Enablement module makes it a breeze.

It allows you to package outputs in simple formats that a sales rep can use.

The three most popular outputs are -

1. Emailable static image or GIF

2. Social sharing button that allows a seller to post short videos on his/her social channels

3. Ability to download a video MP4 if a seller wants to post video content on social

You can choose which output types you want to offer to your sellers, and Parmonic will package everything into an interactive 'briefcase' webpage that you can share with your sellers. Sellers don't need to login to Parmonic to access this 'briefcase' page.

You can post a link to this page on your intranet/Slack/Teams/etc. or email it to your sellers and give them an easy, self-service option.

Fun fact: sellers will see transcripts next to the munchable key moments. This makes it fast for a seller to pick the content they want to use without having to watch every video.

Step 1.  Go to the Moments tile of the Webinar for which you want Sales Enablement materials.


Step 2. Click the SALES ENABLEMENT button. 

Step 3.   Select the features you want to make available to your sales team.  Then click GENERATE LINK, then COPY the link to be pasted into an email to the proper sales staffers.

Additionally you may add notes for specific content or clients in each section.


Step 4. You can save various campaigns for later use.


Step 5.  To begin on another Sales Enablement link, simply click +CREATE A LINK.


Your sales team will now have full access to a full arsenal of tools to make the best decisions for their customers, and to keep them moving through the funnel.

You can integrate Parmonic with several sales enablement tools. Learn more.

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