Automated Intro and Outro Bumpers

There's now a way to automatically include helpful bumper snippets to the beginning and ending of your Munchable Moments.  And, after just a little set-up, you can do it with just one click!

1. Click on your user avatar in the top right corner of the Home Page and choose Account Settings from the drop down.


2. In the Brand Settings Tab, download the sample intro and outro bumper Powerpoint file as a guide for building your own branded Intro/Outro Bumper templates. 


3. Once you have created your Intro/Outro bumper Powerpoint template, upload them to the Brand Settings.

NOTE: The format for your PowerPoint should have 2 lines of text formatted thusly: --Title-- & --Subtitles--


4. All new webinars uploaded will automatically have optional Intro/Outro Bumpers for singular Web Experience Moments based on the Powerpoint templates you've uploaded.

5. After added to the Brand Settings, any webinar can add automated Intro/Outro bumpers by going to either Moments or Trailer Web Publishing Experience and checking "Use automated bumpers" in the Advanced Settings and applying changes.

For Moments


For Trailers


A 2 second Intro and a 2 second Outro will be added to videos (moments and the trailer) for either the direct link ( based) or embed of any single video. 

Further, each workspace has the ability to feature its own unique Auto-Bumpers as they are tied to the Workspace Branding Guidelines in the Settings Tab.

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