Insider Tips for Creating Great Moments

Here are some insider tips for creating moments that will help you impact, influence and inspire people.

Choosing the right moment size for Webpages

This is a balancing act. Long moments may not compel too many people to hit the play button. Short moments may not cover the entire topic that you want to convey.

Insider tip: keep the moments below 3 minutes and enable the 'Continue Play' option [instructions]. With this option enabled, viewers can continue watching beyond the moment end time. There's a reason why most songs are just shy of 3 minutes long. 

Choosing the right moment size for Social Media

Our data analysis indicates that an important inflection point on social media is the 1-min mark so we suggest you keep your videos below that. Our research is based on YouTube data. LinkedIn recommends 30-sec videos. 

Insider tip: In the Moments Review tab, you can create short moments and add the word 'Social' to the moment title. This makes it easy to keep these moments hidden on your web experiences but available for download in the social media output tab.


Occasionally, the AI-selected thumbnail for a video moment may not be ideal. While our engine is usually picking the first frame to accompany the starting of a moment, you may want to highlight a different frame (or speaker).

Insider tip: Change the thumbnail time [instructions]

Removing dead space

'We will get started in 2 mins'... if you have a recording that has dead space at the beginning or end, you can remove that easily in Parmonic so that your Full video excludes those portions. [instructions]

Other tips:

  • Place the video in the right workspace for easy organization. 
  • While uploading a video, you can choose the desired default moment length so our engine can create shorter or longer moments for you.
  • If multiple colleagues want to use the same video to create different content (moments), it's best to clone it. Cloning does NOT consume a credit so you can create as many clones as you need. [instructions]
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