The glossary is a powerful feature that can be used to make transcripts more brand specific and name aware. For instance, if you add KlickStream to the glossary, the transcript will spell click stream as KlickStream instead.


Note: Augmented AI (aka Premium) transcripts are reviewed and edited by a human on the Parmonic side for 99% accuracy. AI transcripts are 80%-90% accurate so the glossary is more relevant to AI transcripts. 


Here's how to introduce your most important words to Parmonic AI.


To add a glossary entry,

  1. Go to Workspace & Brand Settings. 
  2. Click on the workspace you want to glossary to apply to. 
  3. In the "Glossary section", select the language and a comma-separated list of glossary words.
    Example: KlickStream, Parmonic, iOS, etc.
  4. Click on Save.                                                 

NOTE: This glossary is not supported for Korean, Chinese (Simplified), and Russian uploads.

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