SSO with Microsoft

Parmonic supports SSO using OIDC.

When a user first logs into Parmonic using Microsoft SSO, a Parmonic "enterprise application" will automatically appear in your org's directory.

Setting up Microsoft SSO

*Prerequisites: The IT admin must be added to the Parmonic account as a user

Microsoft SSO does not require additional configuration in most cases.

However, if your organization does not allow users to consent to low-impact apps, your IT team will need to add Parmonic using the following steps:

Step 1. Log into Parmonic at with your admin email

Step 2. Click Accept 


Step 3. Go to the AAD Portal

Step 4. Go to Enterprise Applications. Parmonic should appear in a few minutes. You may control who has access to Parmonic from here. For more information see Manage access to an application. 


Data accessed from the Active Directory

Parmonic requests 3 scopes for OIDC login: openid, email, profile.
For more information on these, see Scopes and permissions in the Microsoft identity platform.

On the first login, each user will be prompted to consent to share data by clicking on an Accept button.

As an admin, you may consent on behalf of the org:

  1. Enterprise Applications  Parmonic  Permissions.
  2. Click on the Grant admin consent for Parmonic button.
  3. Click Accept.


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